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Carbon Tracker Initiative’s objective is to advocate for, promote and achieve an understanding of the financial and environmental risks associated with investing in carbon, encouraging investors to act.


Our vision is a climate-secure global energy system, where capital markets are aligned with the reality of climate change. We are helping to map the transition of the fossil fuel industry to keep global warming within a temperature increase of 1.5˚C and its corresponding carbon emission budget.

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Upcoming update: Beyond Petrostates

As with our previous report on the subject of oil and gas producer country risk, Beyond Petrostates, we will use Carbon Tracker’s least cost modelling framework as a basis for our analysis, to understand the potential impact the energy transition could have on the economic feasibility of future projects and thus government revenues for some of the largest top oil and gas producing, and exporting, states globally (the petrostates).

Launching 30 November
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