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As we approach COP28, Carbon Tracker, and our partners are working on a number of events across the conference on issues critical to our mission.


A quick round-up of events where the team will be speaking at can be found below.

We will be updating this page as more events get confirmed.


Solar Tower
Fossil Fuel Phaseout

2 December | Dubai 

Managing the transition away from fossil fuels. What is required? 

This panel will discuss what is working and what is still needed to launch a comprehensive fossil fuel phaseout from a number of different state-level perspectives. 

Climate Finance Summit

4 December | DIFC Academy 

The Global Ethical Finance Initiative (GEFI) has created the Path to COP28 campaign, the largest finance-focused campaign for COP28

Oil & Gas Decommisioning

5 December | Canadian Pavilion

This conversation between frontline communities, advocates and researchers will explore the question of how to best address the oil and gas industry’s mounting environmental liabilities, as well as their decommissioning costs, in the context of declining demand for oil and gas.

FT COP Sessions

11 December | Expo

Hosted to coincide and complement the main agenda of COP28, FT @COP will host debates and discussions that will evaluate and reflect on negotiations, announcements and agreements taking place during COP28.

Oil refinery plant in the evening
Data & Transparency

3 December | Dubai 

This event would promote the value of data and transparency in relation to oil, gas and coal production and reserves in public policymaking on climate change and energy, showcasing practical tools such as the Global Registry of Fossil Fuels. 

Energy Transition Event

5 December | ASU Pavilion

Working out the transition is also a complex task for investors and other stakeholders who need to balance the often conflicting impulses of risk and opportunity in the energy and related sectors.

Speakers will include representatives from NRGI, Power Shift Africa and IIGCC.

Image by Damian Patkowski
SDG Hive Programme

7 December | DIFC Academy 

Investment in Africa is investment in the future. In this session, unique regional perspectives will offer global insights regarding investment opportunities and existing challenges in Africa.

Global Registry

3 December | Dubai 

Transparency and accountability, from the mobilization of climate finance to projects, are essential in making interventions effective and benefiting people and planet. The Global Stocktake can help realign financial flows and build clear roadmaps and this event underlines stakeholders’ proposals to increase integrity. 

SDG Hive Programme

6 December | DIFC Academy 

Against the backdrop of an escalating climate crisis and the need to fund an accelerated energy transition, this session will showcase supply-side and demand-side themes, as well as consider them through an investor/stakeholder lens. 

Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 12.01.11.png
World Climate Summit

8 December | Dubai

The 2023 edition of World Climate Summit will deliver key outcomes aligned with the Foundations’ impact framework for COP28. Carbon Tracker will be participating in the panel: Finance for Adaptation and Resilience – Creating a Green and Inclusive Future

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