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How UK net zero policy is veering off course – for investors and the wider world.

At the last count, the UK’s contribution to global emissions was less than 1%, although it’s worth noting that the UK historically has been responsible for some 3% of total CO2 emissions since the industrial revolution.

Despite this relatively low number, there is no denying the attention that recent decisions by Prime Minister Sunak’s government on climate and energy policy – which by consensus have watered down the UK’s commitment to its net-zero goals – have generated both in the British public policy debate and internationally.

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Autumn 2023: Crunch Time for the Climate, and for Climate COPs

It’s been remarked on already, but let’s repeat it: this autumn could define how the international community responds to climate change for the rest of the decade, and thereby determine the global pathway to net-zero and our ability to limit warming to 1.5C.

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